What we do

Our Role As Property Managers

property factors in glasgow
  • Entering into maintenance contracts on behalf of the owners, eg ground maintenance, cleaning of common areas, lifts etc
  • Co-ordinating Insurance claims
  • Co-ordinating with neighbouring factors and / or owners where repairs are common with adjoining properties.
  • Regular inspections of your property
  • Instructing common repairs up to a sum agreed by the property owners
  • Arranging estimates for improvements to the property or for large repairs, quotations for which are sent out to all owners for their instructions.
  • Settling tradesmen’s accounts and apportioning the amounts due by each individual owner in respect of their share of the costs.
  • Quarterly payments (usually Feb,.May, Aug, Nov)
  • Common Buildings Insurance

We have provided a link to a helpful and independent article explaining the role of a property factor on the Under One Roof website >> here